How you should live life

How you should live life


Have you ever slept within the vicinity of a cemetery? OH yes, I did. Last Aug 4, 2009 I went to Manila to attend the wake and burial of my aunt who died of cancer. We arrived there around 11:00 pm and we went directly to the Paz funeral parlor in Paranaque.I was not expecting that we would sleep there because tomorrow is the burial of President Cory Aquino.So all the family and relatives who would attend the burial were stranded there.My auntie was to be buried at the same day with Cory at the Manila Memorial Park.


Fear is only in our imagination. .That was my first time to go to Paz funeral parlor. I slept just okay as if I was just in my bedroom. When morning came I went out and chat with my relatives. I asked them if the cemetery is far away .they told me its just a few meters away. Much to my surprise the funeral parlor is just in the vicinity of the cemetery. It’s a good thing that I did not know about it or else I can’t go to sleep.


Looking back to my auntie’s life I told myself that’s the life I would want to live. She had lived a good life .When she got sick of cancer she would always tell everybody that she would not want to prolong her sufferings and she is ready to be with God.


Have you ever heard the song? Entitled How you live by point of grace. It’s a very nice song and it makes a lot of sense.  My auntie had live her life the way the song suggested on how one should live life. That’s why she had a very soft death bed coz she had lived a good life and had no regrets about it.


How You Live

By: Point of Grace


Wake up to the sunlight with your windows open

Don’t hold in your anger or leave things unspoken

Wear your red dress use your good dishes

Make a big mess and make lots of wishes


And have what you want

But want what you have

And don’t spend your life looking back


Turn up the music, turn it up loud

Take a few chances let it all out

‘Coz you won’t regret it


Looking back from where you have been

‘Coz its not who you knew

And it’s not what you did its how you live


So go to the ball games and go to the ballet

And go see your folks more than just on the holidays

Kiss all your children dance with your wife

Tell your husband you love him every night


Don’t run from the truth

‘Coz you can’t get away Oh no

Just face it and you’ll be okay


Turn up the music turn it up loud

Take a few chances and let it all out

‘Coz you won’t regret it


Looking back from where you have been

’Coz it’s not who you knew

And it’s not what you did its how you live


O, wherever you are and where ever you’ve been

Now is the time to begin


So give to the needy and pray for the grieving

Even when you don’t think that you can

‘Coz all that you do is bound to come back to you

So think of your fellow man


And make peace with God

And make peace with yourself, Oh yeah

‘Coz in the end there’s nobody else


Turn up the music turn it up loud

Take a few chances and let it all out

‘Coz you won’t regret it


Looking back from where you have been

‘Coz its not who you knew

And it’s not what you did its how you live


Coz its not who you knew

And it’s not what you did its how you live



The song does make a lot of sense. I have lived life doing some of it but not all of it. I would want to do everything .Even though I’m a visually impaired person every morning I always thanks God for it and for the sight that I still have.  I lived life mostly working and working, consumed by the worries of the world .I would change that and find time to enjoy life coz you’ll never know if you’ll still be here tomorrow. 


I would try to have what I want and work for it. I’m always contented and thankful of things that I already have.


It’s true that you should not live life looking back. I used to be a normal sighted person and always looking back what a life I used to have would just make me a very miserable person. So let go of the past especially if it does not hold good memories. Move on and try your best to do the things that you are capable of doing now.


I always make not just a few chances but a lot of it. I don’t have regrets trying it all out. I tried  everything that would help myself from business, sales,sports,crafts,music etc and I’ve found out that there are things that I’m still capable of doing. You’ll never know unless you take the risk and try it .From trying it out you will know what will work out and what will not work out for you.


I would want to enjoy life take the vacation I wanted or attend events that I can attend not just plan about it but really doing it. Those are the things that I missed Now is the time to begin.


Giving can be manifested in many ways. It can be financially, giving moral support or rendering your services or by praying for them.  My grieving relatives are always in my prayers. Sometimes you can help people more thru moral support or just by praying for them. Being generous makes you a better person and. You will also be blessed.


My auntie was a good person. She had helped a lot of people and I’m one of them. When I became visually impaired, she was the one who helped me a lot. She gave me moral support, financial support, rendered her services and all the support you can imagine. When she died most of the people that she had helped were there even if the security detail at the Manila memorial park was very strict. There were a lot of military personnel guarding the place. Those outside Manila memorial should remain outside and those inside the memorial park should remain inside. People still insisted to go in to attend my auntie’s burial. They won’t accept no for an answer from the guards. Even if they have walked a long way just to be in the memorial park coz all the roads are closed. It’s our little way of giving our gratitude to her for the goodness she had given us.


It’s true that fame and fortune can not get you into heaven. What matters most is how you live your life. Have you ever loved and enjoyed life or have you wasted your health to acquire wealth and in the end spend all your wealth to pay for your health.

Do you brighten up a room by being there or do you brighten the room by leaving it. Are you a blessing or a curse to the people around you?

 So make peace with God and make peace with yourself coz in the end Its God and you face to face and nobody else.


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